Tami Casey

MotionX-GPS in Jakarta - great post, awesome maps and photos http://ping.fm/gglcI

Looking forward to attending the Interactive Marketing Summit in San Fran tomorrow #ims09

Surprised this outage in SV didn’t get more attention. Who needs a computer to hack when you can cut the line. http://ping.fm/cUpIZ

Gathering candles and flashlights so we can participate in #EarthHour California

Just back from our MotionX-GPS family geocaching adventure - score 1 of 2 for Casey Family.

great ebook article @mike_elgan. Don’t forget grades 7-12 & need to cart books around http://ping.fm/EfFL5

Found it odd that print version of SJ Mercury News had pg 1 huge photo of Woz & Dancing with the Stars photo above fold. Front Page news?

No, I’m not that old — Just registred for the morning update email from my local paper. They then pushed a Scooter Store add to me!

Enjoying my first ebook via the iPhone Kindle app. Love books, thought I would miss the experince of holding book. I don’t.

Stress is rampant. Either you don’t have job or your working to fill sky high expectations. Let’s be kind and give everyone a little leeway